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Baccarat Professional

Baccarat Pro Casino Monger UK

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Want to learn how to play Baccarat?

You’re in luck; we’ve got you covered. If you’ve never heard of it before, you’re in for a treat. Baccarat Professional is the online version of a popular table game. Although there are several versions to choose from, we’re focussing on the professional series.

Baccarat Professional introduction

Whilst its name may seem complicated, it’s really a simple game to learn and play. Simplicity aside, this one doesn’t sacrifice excitement and fun, making it a must! In this comparative hand card game, you will need to beat your opponent. The goal in this game is to get as close as you can to a total of nine points in order to be the winner of the round. If you happen to get an 8 or a 9 in your hand, this is referred to as a natural and it always wins.

Want to know more about this enthralling game that promises suspense and great wins? Just keep on reading.

Game Play

For this particular version, here are the details you might need to know about:

Payout percentage: The theoretic payout of Baccarat Pro is 98.94%
Type of casino game: Table Game
Type of table game: Baccarat Pro
Number of decks of cards: Baccarat Pro is played with eight decks of 52 cards. These are shuffled before every round.

Baccarat Pro Screenshot Casino Monger UK

Baccarat Professional Game Rules

To get going, open the game. You’ll see a table on the screen with betting fields. Your chips will be on the screen as well. Choose the chip amount that you’d like to place as a bet. Place this chip in the betting field you would like or place several chips in the various betting fields. You can also erase bets and re do them before you click deal.

When you’re ready, click deal. You and the bank will both be dealt two open cards. In line with the value of the cards, you might get a third card depending on the third card rules. The result will be shown on the screen and if your hand is the closest to a total of nine, your winnings will be added to your credit. Then you’ll be free to play again with the same bet or even a new one.

Card values in this game are as follows:

  • Number cards 2-9 are worth the value stated on the card.
  • 10, Jack, Queen and King are all worth 10 points each (should you get one of these, the ten will be taken from the total so you can’t get more than ten, which is the maximum score).
  • The Ace is worth 1 point only.

You will receive a third card in the event of the following:

  • If you have 0-5 points.
  • If you don’t take a card and the bank does when it has 0-5 points.
  • When you take a third card, the bank will also take a third card if:
    • The total of the bank’s two cards is less than 2.
    • The total of the bank’s two cards is 3 and the third card of the player is not an 8.
    • The total of the bank’s two cards is 4 and the third card of the player is not a 0, 1, 8 or 9.
    • The total of the bank’s two cards is 5 and the third card of the player is not a 4, 5, 6 or 7.
    • The total of the bank’s two cards is 6 and the third card of the player is not a 6 or a 7.
    • The total of the bank’s two cards is 7, the bank passes.

Game Bets

Baccarat Professional gives you the chance to play with four values of chips. These include 1, 5, 10 and euro chips. You are welcome combine these or execute multiple bets.

Do note that the minimum bet amount is a total of 1 euro and the maximum is an amount of 100 euros per round. You are able to bet on a Tie, the Bank, the Player or even two of those or all three!

Pay Table/ Win Table

Although it’s not visible from first glance, you can access the pay table with one simple movement. By moving your mouse over the MIN/MAX sign, this will cause the pay table to pop up.

Possible Settings

Whenever you play this table game, you’ll be able to tweak the settings for the game you enjoy most. These include visual, audio and additional setting. Use the speaker icon to turn the sound on or off. You can also adjust these settings with an additional settings icon:

  • Sound Effects (on or off)
  • Background Music (on or off)
  • Speed (faster or slower)
  • Game History (Although, this isn’t available in practice games…)

Want to try something a little different? Why not make it the ultimate Baccarat experience?

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